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E-Book "Global Optimization Algorithms — Theory and Application"

At you can find my e-book "Global Optimization Algorithms — Theory and Application". This book elaborates on many of the basic principles in global optimization, Evolutionary Algorithms, and Genetic Programming.

Current edition:Second Edition
 Download link:
 Version:2009-06-26 22:34:51 GMT+0800
 Size:13 MiB
Under Development:Third Edition
 Download link:
 Version:2011-12-07 15:35:02 GMT+0800
 Size:19 MiB
 Bibliography:BibTeX file
Example Sources:Zipped archive of the java source code of the examples in the book
 Download link:
 Version:2011-03-13 13:42:52 GMT+0800
 Size:4 MiB
 Latest CVS Release:from SourceForge CVS

Currently, I am performing a transition from the second edition of the book to the third one. This transition is still in an early phase and there is lots of work left to do. Until this is done, the old version of the book will remain available. Afterwards, only the new version can be used. All sources, including text, graphics, and the bibliography of the third edition of the book are online available via anonymous CVS.

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